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Dear CTA Member,

At the January State Council Board meeting, the below candidates will be reviewed for recommendation to January State Council for the June Primary election.

In October 2017, State Council approved tiering of incumbent legislators. This list reflects Tier 1 candidates who have returned their questionnaire to CTA, as well as Tier 4 seats where interview teams have made a recommendation.

Candidates not listed are pending paperwork or interviews/meetings still need to take place for that seat. Additional recommendations will be taken to State Council in April. 

This list is subject to change prior to State Council.
Secretary of StateAlex Padilla (D)
ControllerBetty Yee (D)
AD 2Jim Wood/D
AD 4Cecilia Aguiar Curry/D
AD 7Kevin McCarty/D
AD 9Jim Cooper/D
AD 11Jim Frazier/D
AD 13Susan Talamantes Eggman/D
AD 15Judy Appel/D
AD 17David Chiu/D
AD 18Rob Bonta/D
AD 19Philip Ting/D
AD 20Bill Quirk/D
AD 21Adam Gray/D
AD 22Kevin Mullin/D
AD 25Kansen Chu/D
AD 27Ash Kalra/D
AD 28Evan Low/D
AD 29Mark Stone/D
AD 30Robert Rivas/D
AD 32Rudy Salas/D
AD 41Chris Holden/D
AD 43Laura Friedman/D
AD 44Jacqui Irwin/D
AD 47Eloise Gomez Reyes/D
AD 49Ed Chau/D
AD 50Richard Bloom/D
AD 52Freddie Rodriguez/D
AD 53Miguel Santiago/D
AD 57Ian Calderon/D
AD 58Cristina Garcia/D
AD 59Reggie Jones-Sawyer/D
AD 60Sabrina Cervantes/D
AD 61Jose Medina/D
AD 63Anthony Rendon/D
AD 64Mike Gipson/D
AD 70Patrick O’Donnell/D
AD 78Todd Gloria/D
AD 80Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher/D
SD 2Mike McGuire/D
SD 6Richard Pan/D
SD 10Bob Wieckowski/D
SD 12Anna Caballero/D
SD 20Connie Leyva/D
SD 30Holly Mitchell/D

Thank you,

CTA Governmental Relations Division