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 1. Rep Council may establish a scholarship fund as a part of each year's budget.

 2. The amount in the fund shall be divided equally among all qualified applicants  beginning in October of the fiscal year.

 3. Applicants must fulfill ALL the following:

 *Applicant must have one of the following

      a. biological child of an AVUTA member

      b. legally adopted

      c. legally dependent child of an AVUTA member

 *applicant must have graduated the previous academic year from an accredited  high school where there is a CTA bargaining unit

 *applicant must enroll in an accredited post-secondary educational program, such  as a junior college, 4-year university, or vocational/trade school

 Committee Members:

 Loralyn Farris, Chair

 Holly Blagg, Vice Chair

 Pam Garrett, Member

 Megan Lukehart, Member


 AVUTA Grants-closed until Fall

​ Green Ribbon Schools-Due Jan 12

​ Presidential Award for Environmental Educators-Due March

 Rotary Mini Grant

  CTA Grants and Scholarships

  Energy/Sustainability Grants (K-8)-Now closed

 Garden Grants

  Donors Choose

  Elmer's Toolkit Grants-Closed for Now!

  Target Grants-Closed for now!

  EE Mini Grants

  Unsung Heroes

Grants and Scholarships


2017-2018 AVUTA Grant Winners:

Nacina Harris / Sandia / Flexible Seating / $150.00

Shaun Rickerl / Sandia / Flexible Seating / $250.00

Kathy Harmon / Sycamore Rocks / Flexible Seating / $250.00

Brittney Thomas / Sycamore Rocks/Folktale Stem Kits / $250

Penny Onken / Mariana / Stem Center / $250

Karen Post / Sandia / Learning through Legos / $250

James Harrison / Rancho Verde / Reading Area / $250

Hope Young / Vanguard / Archery / $233.88

Roger Aburto / GHHS / Building our Future in 3 Dimensions / $250