AVUTA PRESIDENT’S QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER                                                               MAY 2017

Summer Break is one week away. The year is nearly down, and we have a few things left to knock out

before we get out and go our separate ways. But before we go, I want to give the last update of the year

Measure F-    AVUTA Representative Council has voted to support a YES vote on Measure F. We ask all

Teachers to take a look at the AVUTA website under PAC tab. There you will find more detailed

information.  Measure F Concerns water, and in a desert water is very important.

The 16-19 Contract – Was ratified by the AVUTA general membership on 28 FEB 2017 and adopted by

the AVUSD School Board on 2 MAR 2017.  If you want to view the new provisions all changes are on the

AVUTA website under the Contract tab. We also had to do a few Memorandums of Agreement and

Memorandums of Understanding to wrap up some of the final details of the contract. We have just

placed these finished agreements on the AVUTA website.  On 1 AUG 2017 you will receive another

3% raise to the salary schedule.

$200 AVUSD Teacher Attendance Award-   AVUSD will be giving all teachers with perfect attendance

this year (2016-2017) a $200 reimbursement for classroom supplies. The district will put out details in

the near future.

3rd Annual AVUTA Vendor Fair – was held on 29 APR 2017 AT Apple Valley High

School from 11:00 AM until 3:00 PM.  Again it was an absolute success. About 300 people, AVUTA

members and their families attended, AVUTA food coupons were provided to all that attended,

This year our “Lunch Truck” theme for the food was great, and people had a lot of fun choosing the

type of food they wanted. The picture booth was also another fun stop. Special thanks to Holly Blagg

the Organizing chair, and the Organizing committee of Kristy Croft, Michelle Roland, Kristen Wallace,

Nicole Collins and Greg McMahon.

“It’s a Gas to go to Class”  is nearly over for the year. AVUTA handed out $500 in gift cards to

students at the high schools, and $350 to teachers this year, and at our welcome back meeting in AUG

AVUTA will award 3 more teachers with perfect attendance with a $50 gift cards.


Political Action- AVUTA was awarded the prestigious Joyce Faydm Award. Our Political Action Chair

Tayari Kuanda and the entire PAC committee of Lance Art, Monica Ortloff, and Laura Quigley have done

superlative work on Political Action in support of AVUTA


AVUTA Elections- AVUTA Executive Board elections were held on 12 APR 2017. The winners are:

First Vice President: Kristy Croft

Recording Secretary: Lance Arnt

Treasurer- Michelle Roland

Executive Board Member at large: Wendy Kelly

AVUTA/CTA State Council Alternate: Janet Ambe

The Elections committee did a superb job on the election.  Special thanks goes to Derek Castellanos the

AVUTA Elections Chair, and the entire Elections committee of Sandy Rodriguez, Randi Evens and Monica


AVUTA Scholarships- AVUTA has passed out 18 AVUTA scholarships totaling $2000 to children of AVUTA

members this year congratulations to all the scholarship winners. Each Student will receive a $125 in the

fall when they show proof of their post-secondary enrollment. The Grant/Scholarship Chair Loralyn

Farris  did an outstanding job and the grant committee of Megan Lukehart, Holly Blagg , Pamela

Yearton-Garreett did great work.

Committee Appointments-

I have appointed the following people to committee chair positions with Executive Board concurrence:

Negotiations Chair- Kristy Croft

Grievance Chair -    Wendy Kelly

I have appointed the following people to committees with Executive Board concurrence:

Bylaws-               Loralyn Farris

Negotiations -   Leslie McNenly

Organizing-        Greg McMahon

The following committees still have a position open:

Grievance -       1 position open

Elections-          1 position open

Organizing        1 position open

If you are interested in being on a committee please contact me directly at my email.

The AVUTA office has moved from P80 at the D.O to P68 at the D.O. It is now located about 200 feet

North of Conference Room A in the front parking lot, our building has a Red “AVUTA OFFICE”

sign up on the roof.     

I have been making site visits for the last two months. I go to each site and brief upcoming events, the

contract, and answer any questions members have about anything AVUTA. Your Site Reps will let you

know when I am coming to your site. This is your chance to ASK the President. This year I have spoken

with nearly 300 members. The receptions have been kind and thoughtful, many great questions have

been asked and discussed during these meetings.

Finally, if you need any sort of union help make sure that you know who your Site Representative is and

contact them. They are wealth of information on most issues, and if they don’t know the answer they

will move up the chain of leadership until we get the answer. Representative Council Meets every 3rd

Tuesday 4:15 PM in D.O. Conference Room A.  All members are free to stop in and see how your union

operates. Rep Council meetings are no secret. That’s what AVUTA is here for- to help you.  Check out

the AVUTA website, there is a lot of key information there.

Next year the AVUTA President starts full time release. My standard office hours will be

9:00 AM to 4:15 PM at the AVUTA office P-68. It is always better to call or email me to set up an

appointment in advance. Many times I am called into emergency meetings to represent members or I

am in meeting with AVUSD  leadership, the High Desert President’s Council  or San Bernardino County

President’s Council.

Finally, I never forget what an Honor it is to be your President. I wake up thinking about AVUTA and I fall

asleep thinking about AVUTA. OK, so we have one week left to go and 16-17 year is history. You are now

updated.  Have a great Summer Break. Be safe, enjoy your 1 AUG 2017 pay raise because you deserve it,

and thanks for all your hard work and dedication as educators.


                                                                             J. ZACHAU                        AVUTA PRESIDENT  

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