Quarterly Newsletter

​​​ ​AVUTA​ ​PRESIDENT’S​ ​QUARTERLY​ ​NEWSLETTER​                                                                            1 st QTR SEP 2017

Welcome back, we are at the start of another school year. I hope everyone had a great summer and also a relaxing Labor Day. The 17-18 year is off to a great start. AVUTA is already is very busy.

JANUS V. AFSCME- This is a court case that will go before the Supreme Court this year. It seeks to end payroll deduction for union dues, end fair share fees, end permanent union membership, and allow people to quit unions but still receive representation. What this means, is that people could pay no dues to a union but the union would still have to represent them when they were in trouble, and negotiate for them. It would also mean that union members would have to re-sign membership forms every year to stay a union member, membership will no longer be continuous year to year. The union will have to become a bill collector for dues every month. I will be keeping a close eye on this case and its outcome

The 16-19 Contract – Was ratified by the AVUTA general membership on 28 FEB 2017 and adopted by the AVUSD School Board on 2 MAR 2017. If you want to view the new provisions, all changes are on the AVUTA website under the Contract tab. We also had to do a few Memorandums of Agreement and Memorandums of Understanding to wrap up some of the final details of the contract. Everything is posted on the AVUTA web site. On 1 AUG 2017 you should have noticed a 3% pay raise to your salary. We have not negotiated total compensation for 18-19 school year. The negotiations committee will be sending out a survey in the near future to prepare for upcoming negotiations.

AVUTA Attendance Award - This year AVUTA is starting an attendance award program. We are working out details. Once the Executive Board has an approved final plan. I will put out the criteria of the awards.

$200 AVUSD Teacher Attendance Award- AVUSD will be giving all teachers with perfect attendance last year (2016-2017) a $200 reimbursement for classroom supplies. This award comes from the School Board. The district sent out a memo with details to turn your receipts in to the HR office by 13 OCT 2017.

2nd Annual AVUTA Meet and Greet – Our Organizing committee is planning this event for OCT. More information to follow.

“It’s a Gas to go to Class”- Teachers that have perfect attendance this year will be entered into a drawing to give away a free car. This is sponsored by Victorville Motors.

AVUTA Scholarships- AVUTA awarded 18 AVUTA scholarships totaling $2000 to children of AVUTA members for the 16 -17 year. Each Student will receive a $125 when they show proof of their post-secondary enrollment. Send proof to Loralyn Farris Chair of the Grant/ Scholarship committee.

Committee OpeningsThe following AVUTA committees have a position open: Grievance - 2 positions open Elections- 1 position open Bylaws- 1 position open PAC- 1 position open (applicant must be PK -6/8) If you are interested in being on an AVUTA committee please contact me directly at my email.

Non sanctioned apps- The district has put out a memo on using non district approved applications to communicate with parents and students. I have checked with CTA on this. If a teacher uses a non-district approved application and that application is hacked and information that was to be “protected by law” is exposed, the teacher could possibly have action taken against their credential, the district could take action against them, or they could be sued by the parent or student. I urge all unit members to use extreme caution when using anything that is not approved by the district. If you have apps that you want to use, send that information to Asst. Supt. Mr. Schlosser, in Ed Services.

The AVUTA office - is now located at the 12555 Navajo Rd. at the District Office in building P-68. It is located about 200 feet north of D.O. Conference Room A in the front parking lot, our building has a Red “AVUTA OFFICE” sign up on the roof. You can’t miss it.

AVUTA President’s Calendar- I am posting my calendar on the AVUTA website. Each month you will be able to see where your president was for the previous month. I have already posted – June, July, and August 2017 calendars.

President Release Time- This year the AVUTA President is full time release. My standard office hours will be 9:00 AM to 4:15 PM at the AVUTA office P-68. It is always better to email me to set up an appointment in advance. Many times I am called into emergency meetings to represent members or I am in meetings with AVUSD leadership, the High Desert President’s Council or San Bernardino County President’s Council.

Site Visits- I will soon start making site visits. I go to each site every year and brief teachers on upcoming events, the contract, and answer any questions members have about anything AVUTA. Your Site Reps will let you know when I am coming to your site. This is your chance to ASK the President. Last year I spoke with nearly 300 members. The receptions were kind and thoughtful, many great questions were asked and discussed during these meetings.

If you need any sort of union help make sure that you know who your Site Representative is and contact them. They are wealth of information on most issues, and if they don’t know the answer they will move up the chain of leadership until we get the answer. Representative Council Meets every 3 rd Tuesday 4:15 PM in D.O. Conference Room A. All​ ​members​ ​are​ ​free​ ​to​ ​stop​ ​in​ ​and​ ​see​ ​how​ ​your​ ​union​ ​operates.

Rep Council meetings are no secret. That’s what AVUTA is here for- to help you. Also check out the AVUTA website, there is a lot of key information there.

Finally, I never forget what an Honor it is to be your President. I wake up thinking about AVUTA and I fall asleep thinking about AVUTA. Never forget what an important job you have. You are a teacher.That’s it for now, talk you next quarter.