Quarterly Newsletter

AVUTA PRESIDENT’S QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER - 2nd QTR                                 DEC 2017

Well, another year is almost in the books, 2017 is almost gone and 2018 is around the corner. As usual for the last four years, every quarter I send out the AVUTA President’s newsletter to keep you informed of your union’s actions and to inform all unit members in on a few items.  So here we are at the half way point of the school year.  Winter Break is around the corner. I hope everyone has a very restful break.

Negotiations- We have reopened negotiations with the district for the 18-19 school year, which is only six months away. I have listed the main AVUTA issues below with any movement that we have made on each issue below. I presented the reopeners to the School Board on 2 NOV 2017. AVUTA’s goal is to settle with the district in MAR or APR of 2018 so AVUTA can ratify the reopeners in MAY of 2018. That way any negotiated money will go into teachers’ salaries on 1 JULY 2018. I know that AVUTA has set an ambitious goal. We are still lagging behind several other local school districts in terms of pay and benefits, and with best economy that we have had in 12 years, now is the time to catch up. We have an outstanding Executive Board and Negotiations team that works very hard on your behalf.  Here are the three main issues that AVUTA has presented to the district for negotiations.

1. 10% pay raise to the salary schedule effective 1 JULY 2018/ No movement

2. Hourly work rate from $35 to $50/ No movement

3. Reducing the caseload in special education classes/ No movement

The complete reopeners are on the AVUTA website. We will continue to work with the district to make sure that AVUTA unit members are properly compensated. Our next planned negotiations session is 29 JAN 2018.

JANUS V. AFSCME- This is a court case that will go before the Supreme Court in the next six months. It will affect every union in the nation. Janus seeks end fair share fees, end permanent union membership, and allow people to quit unions but still receive union benefits, rights, and representation. What this means, is that people could pay no dues to a union but the union would still have to represent them when they were in trouble, and negotiate for them. That would bankrupt unions. That is the plan behind JANUS.

The most likely outcome will be that JANUS will win, and non-members will not have to pay “fair share fees” to the union. Many unions will then declare themselves “Member Only Unions”. This is a legal status.  This means that anyone outside the union will get no union benefits. That would mean that people outside the union would have to represent, grieve, and negotiate for themselves. The contract would only apply to union members.

I will be paying very close attention on this case and its outcome, and keep you informed.  

The smart move is- to stay a member of AVUTA/CTA/NEA.

Site Visits- I am in the process of coming to every site to speak with the teachers, and the Superintendent Mr. Hoegerman is joining me. He discusses district issues and then I speak on union issues. It has been great to get down to so many of the sites this year and speak with as many members as possible. If I haven’t been to your site yet, your Site Representatives will tell you when the Superintendent and I are coming next semester. Remember AVUTA works for you!   

AVUTA Committees- are very healthy right now. We have one open committee position on the Elections committee.  If you are interested please let me know.

The AVUTA office - is now located at the D.O in building P-68. It is now located about 200 feet North of Conference Room A in the front parking lot, our building has a Red “AVUTA OFFICE” sign up on the roof.   You can’t miss it.

That’s it for now. You are up to speed.  Have a wonderful and very restful Christmas/ Winter break.

On behalf of the entire AVUTA Executive Board- Thanks for all you do.



                                                                             J. ZACHAU

                                                                            AVUTA PRESIDENT