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Open Office is free software that is compatible with Microsoft Office. The suite contains word, spreadsheet, and slideshow applications. If you don't want to buy Microsoft Office use this.

Use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. Firefox has tons of add-ins that you can add to the browser, and the tabbed page come in handing.

Thunderbird is an email program that is very similar to Microsoft Outlook. You can use it to sync multiple email accounts. Add-ins can also be used in Thunderbird to add compatibility for Pocket PC devices. Best of all the software is free.

Bitdefender is one of the better anti-virus/malware suites. The software integrates nicely with MS Outlook and Firefox. When I purchased the software I was able to obtain a three computer, 2 year subscription for $69.99. Not that bad of a price over Norton's or McAfee software suites.

​​Truecrypt is a very small piece of software that does amazing things. As the names implies the application encrypts data and than secures it in a hidden part of your hard drive that is password protected. The software is free.

Science oriented web forum, you can read and participate in various discussions such as Physics, Biology, Linguistics, Politics, Philosophy, Health & Fitness, etc.

Copernic has a free version of their software that allows you to search emails and files on your desktop or laptop. The application is better to use than Microsoft Search.