President's Email

November 2021

11/18/21 Covid Sick Leave Survey

11/17/21 Covid Testing at VVC

11/17/21 AVUTA to participate in the AV Christmas Tree Lighting

11/9/21 AVUTA Negotiations Survey

11/9/21 AVUTA COVID Survey

11/5/21 Check out these CTA Scholarships

11/5/21 AVUTA Grant Opportunities

11/4/21New Teacher Weekend Conference

October 2021

10/28/21 AVUTA @ Apple Valley Trunk or Treat

10/18/21 CTA Budget Survey--Your Voice Matters

10/15/21 Walk Out Discouraged

10/7/21 COVID Vaccination Proof for Kaiser Patients

10/6/21 School Garden Grant

10/6/21 Environmental STEM Projects

10/6/21 MEEC Environmental Bus Buck

10/4/21 Avuta on Governors COVID Mandate

September 2021

9/29/21 Retirement workshop video, PPT

9/9/21 403B retirement workshop

9/2/21 You have 10 state COVID days

9/2/21 Update to Covid absences

9/1/21 AVUTA update

August 2021

8/30/21 CTA/AVUTA Retirement 403B Workshop

8/26/21 Assigned Duties Staying past Duty time

8/26/21 Supplemental Retirement Ratification Vote Results

8/26/21 Clean up Day

8/26/21 School Garden


8/23/21 Mental Health Mondays

8/17/2021 Kaiser Covid Booster

8/17/2021 Introduction of AVUTA Ins Rep and Bridge Insurance Cheat sheets

8/17/2021 SERD Days

8/17/2021 Supplemental Retirement Ratification Supplements

8/11/21 Chiropractic Update Retraction (Kaiser)

8/10/21 Mitel app for Cell Phones

8/9/21 Chiropractic Update

8/5/21 Change in address? Change in school site? Change in phone number? Change in personal email?

8/4/21 2021-22 Do you want to be a Site Rep?

8/4/21 CTA Members and CA Residents Exclusive Discount for Disneyland

8/4/21 Union Night at Dodger Stadium

July 2021

7/28/21 Bridge Meeting